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Get Flawless Feathered Brows With a Single Product

Get Flawless Feathered Brows With a Single Product

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Any makeup artist will tell you that brows are the single most important feature that can make or break a look. A few plucks of a tweezer or a single product can dramatically alter the appearance of your face. 

When it comes to brows, they also seem subject to changing styles. Trends come and go, from the thin, arched brow of the 90s to the thick, bushy brows of the last decade. Now with social media, trends are changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up. (Remember that short period of time where wavy brows were a thing?)

There’s a new trend in brows that’s been seen on every celebrity: the feathered brow. The feathered brow is effortless and natural. Think thick, fluffy brows fluffed up and set with wax.  

The main component of getting a fluffy, feathered eyebrow is having naturally thick and healthy brows. Sounds easy, right?

what if there are not a lot of brows to start with?

There’s a slight problem with those of us that don’t have brows, or have incredibly sparse brows. Remember how I mentioned those brow trends that come and go? Unfortunately, over-plucking can cause brows to leave and never come back, seeming to know where they’re not wanted. 

Years of plucking brows, which you may have experienced if you existed through the 90s and early 2000s with a pair of tweezers, may lead to the hair follicle to scar, making it impossible for hair to grow there again. Certain medical conditions can also contribute to sparse eyebrows, such as thyroid issues, anemia, autoimmune disorders, and certain psychological disorders that cause hair pulling, like trichotillomania. 

Many turn to microblading as a solution, which is semi-permanent makeup applied with a blade in feathered strokes, as well as expensive treatments and serums. Luckily, there’s a single product and technique that can replicate the appearance of fluffy, healthy brows.

PERfect feathered brows without the blade

The Jacque Mdigo Waterproof Eyebrow Liner Pen is designed to replicate the feathered brow easily (with some practice, of course!) Also, makeup washes off! If you make a mistake, you can correct it with ease. The same can’t be said for microblading, which is literally a tattoo. If you have a less than desired result, it’s not going anywhere. Go ahead, google ‘microblading gone wrong’, we’ll be here when you get back. 

The brow pen was designed by celebrity makeup artist Jacque Mdigo, who is the brow queen. With experience on many skin tones and types with people of all ages, she knows brows, which is why her products are some of the best in the industry. 

start with the perfect shape

Once you realize how easy it is to get your eyebrows looking natural, symmetrical, and even, you’ll feel a lot of the pressure fade. We have a few simple tricks to help you get the perfect brows. 

Step 1. Start by staring straight ahead into a mirror. It’s important that you’re directly facing yourself and not at an angle. Take the pen and line it up with the outer edge of your left nostril, and make a small mark with the pen where the brow is directly above that. That’s where the left brow begins. Do the same on the right side. Now you have your starting point for each brow! 

Step 2. Next, line up the pen with the outer edge of your left nostril, and make an angle that connects with the outer corner of your left eye. Use the pen to lightly mark the spot right above it where your brow would be. There’s where the tail of your brow will end! Again, do the same on the other side. 

Step 3. Finally, line the pen up with the outer point of your left nostril and pass the line directly through your pupil while looking forward. Follow the line and mark the point in between the first two points lightly with the brow pen. That’s where the highest point of the arch will be! One more time on the other side. 

Here’s a diagram to help give visual aid! 


Once you’ve laid out the groundwork with our tips, you’re ready to fluff and feather with the Jacque Mgido Waterproof Eyebrow Pen. The most important thing to remember here is to be so light when drawing your brows. Remember to be light as a feather! 

Slowly, draw tiny feather-like strokes in the natural direction the hair grows. Go little by little, and switch between each brow instead of doing one, then the other. This will help you keep everything even. Don’t forget to stare straight ahead in the mirror and remember those guide marks you made before you started. 

Pro Tip: If you press down and make too thick of a line, quickly use a spoolie and brush over the line. It will feather it out and lighten it before the product sets. 

ready, set, go! feathered brows all day and night

One of the best aspects of this product is that it is super waterproof. That means it dries and sets. When going for a feathered look, it’s best to make a mark, then move on. Try not to go over the same place multiple times, because it might create a buildup of the product that doesn’t look natural. 


The Waterproof Eyebrow Liner Pen has a razor-sharp stiletto tip, which makes the flawless feathered look easy to create. Another great thing about it is it helps you create a sharp tail at the end of the brow. It’s important to create a gradient effect with the end of the tail having the darkest point in the gradient to create a natural looking brow.  

final thoughts

If there were one brow product you could choose for life, I would recommend the Jacque Mgido Waterproof Eyebrow Liner Pen. When creating the perfect, fluffy, feathered brow, this one product will help you achieve the perfect look, even if you have no brows to start with!

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