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 Getting Started with Jacque Mgido Products

If you are new to the Jacque Mgido line, we invite you to get started with some of her signature products. What you’ll notice the first time you use anything from the Jacque Mgido line that the pigments truly pop, and the color palette is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.


Here’s why.


For women of every shade, color is essential. It enhances your natural features, corrects complexion issues ranging from ashyness in darker skin tones to the sallow look of those with a lighter complexion.


The high level of pigment in everything from Jacque Mgido’s blushes, loose powders, eye shadow collections, and foundations are meant to bring your beauty to life. Your true beauty can shine through with the correct use of color.


Thanks to the developments in chemistry the last 300 years as well as Jacque’s genius-level knowledge of color, the pigments used in her line are immaculately clean and vibrant. The hue, saturation, and tone of every color are all given detailed attention before they end up in the line.


Starting with a limited collection of products to use on her clients when she first started out as a makeup artist, she learned how to mix colors on her own with the few items she already had. She became an expert in this regard, and incorporated this knowledge into her product line.


Another incredible difference you’ll notice in Jacque’s line is that her foundations are practically oil-free. This was a pain-staking process that went through many iterations to get it just right. Coming from a humid climate in Africa, and having oily skin herself, she noticed that many foundations would simply melt off her face, or move around too much due to their oil content after just a few hours of wear.


To fix this problem, she developed a foundation that is mostly pigment and water. It has only a minuscule amount of oil so that once it is on your face – it stays put. It is buildable, and you can even mix it with your own moisturizer or primer if you desire. This means that you not only get a superior foundation, but something that will last much longer than traditional foundations. It’s some serious bang for your beauty buck.


Many products are also multi-purpose. You can get incredibly creative with eyeshadows that also work as blushes and lip-balm that also brings life to your cheeks.


Everything in the line is vegan, never tested on animals, and completely loving to your skin since it is noncomedogenic.


The packaging for the Jacque Mgido line is also inspired. With less waste and the environment in mind, not only are you making yourself more beautiful with every purchase, but helping to keep the planet beautiful, too.


Finally, no makeup, no matter how perfect can be applied in a way to truly enhance your inner beauty without the correct tools. With the perfect brushes, you can apply your make-up like a pro. Her synthetic foundation/powder brush doesn’t absorb too much product, is dense but also fluffy like a cloud, soft as butter, and is gently angled so that you can apply numerous products perfectly. A brush of this quality would usually start at $60 retail, but this perfect tool is available for only $20.


You’ll find that Jacque Mgido’s products are not only far superior in quality than many other, more expensive products, but also offer an incredible value.


To get started with your own “Jacque Mgido beauty experience” try some of the wonderful products listed below:



Naturally Glamorous Brows

Brows are one of the most overlooked parts of our beauty regime, but they are essential for a put-together look. Your brows define the windows to your soul. If you’ve got over-plucked brows, brows that just won’t grow, or brows that are uneven or sparse, then we’ve got a miracle for you in the form of the Jacque Mgido brow pen.


Gel brow liners don’t give you natural looking brows. They also don’t stay put throughout a busy day. Liquid eye pencils give you more precision, but end up making your brows look even more scary. For the perfect brow, you need precision application with a brow pen. You can apply hair-like strokes with that stiletto point at the end of your brows, framing your face, and bringing your eyes to life.


The brow pen also allows you to apply different stages of color, ranging from light to dark so that the fine hairs of your brows are lighter than the portion closer to your nose allowing a more natural look. With the 24-hour staying power in our brow pen, you’ll never want to use another brow product again.


Try these products for perfect brows:


Eyebrow Liner Pen

Brow Fixer


Amazing Eyes


Our eyeshadows come in a limited, but astonishingly gorgeous array of colors, because are you really going to spend four hours choosing the right shades from a collection offering a staggering set of choices?


We make it simple for you, and offer the shades that bring out the beauty in eyes based on their shape. For women who want to look beautiful in a hurry, you can choose a bright color like purple, applied to the lash line to give your eyes that pop of color they need, or use a more subtle hue across the whole eyelid.


We also have a liquid liner enclosed with the perfect applicator tool so that you can get anything from the perfect cat-eye just right, or simply line the lashes without worrying about looking like a four-year old applied your makeup.


You’ll also love out eyeliner pencil, that has just the right amount of give for perfect application.




Eyeliner Pencil

Liquid Liner



The Perfect Complexion


Getting your foundation color and application just right can mean the difference between looking like you just woke up from a restorative nap on a Caribbean beach, to looking as though you’ve been dragged through Armageddon and back.


Jacque Mgido’s foundations come in 13 perfect hues to match ANY skin tone, and you can even mix them. Since they have an extremely low oil-content, they stay on your face no matter what weather you find yourself in, and are buildable if you need extra coverage.


To set your foundation, try one of the 8 gorgeous hues available in the loose powders, rich in pigment, and with options that can correct sallow, or ashy skin, to colors that bring the “blood back to your face” so that you look alive again. Use the powders solo or mix them to use as highlighters and bronzers for an Instagram-fabulous look. These no-shine, translucent loose powders are sure to become your favorites.


Finally, top of your look with one of our blushers. Our orange blush is particularly popular due to the ability of this singular hue to correct almost any complexion problem. Correct a grey, lifeless undertone in darker skin, or make your fair complexion come to life. You can even correct under-eye circles or minimize the look of tattoos with this color, but there are 3 more. The powder-blush is a stain that stays put so you’ll look kissed by the sun all day long.


Our blushes also mix easily with foundation so you can create your own tinted bronzers or highlighters.


You’re going to get really excited about our long-wear concealers too, because they don’t sink into the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.


Try these products for a perfect complexion:


Mixable Liquid Foundation for the Perfect Skin Tone Match (13 hues)




Loose Powders in 8 Gorgeous Hues


Blush in 4 Perfect Colors



Luscious Lips


Your lips are an expressive blossoming of your sensuality and soul. With the right lip-color, your pout can be picture-perfect. Just be prepared for lips that look addictively kissable. Our lip stains and lip-gloss nurture your lips so they won’t dry out and crack when you wear them. You can also use our lip stains as a base for your eye-shadow before applying it.


Lip Stains


Lip Gloss


Perfect Application Tools


Finally don’t forget your master makeup artist tools – the perfect applicator brushes. Jacque Mgido offers the quintessentially perfect angled brush for eyeshadow application and a butter-soft, angled blush/powder/foundation brush. They are superior quality and bargain-priced.


Angled Brush


Foundation Brush


If you’d like a full kit of Jacque Mgido products, contact us.