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August 30, 2020 2 min read

It’s More Than A Base For Your Face

A great liquid foundation is the start of a flawless “canvas” where you can get creatively (and compliment-worthy) beautiful. Your face is the first thing people see, and your makeup application technique is part of your presentation. Foundation sets the stage for a fabulous face, allowing you to proceed with the rest of your getting-ready routine with a spot-on start. 


There’s more to foundation than “step one.” Foundation has many benefits in terms of beauty and better skin. These five reasons to wear foundation are the fundamentals, so fine-tune your foundation knowledge for the next time you’re getting dolled up for the day or a night out.

Smoother Skin

You may not have any blemishes or an uneven tone, but foundation is still useful in terms of overall smoothness. If you’re not blessed with “perfect” skin, foundation is your friend. A light coat will hide fine lines, dark spots, pimples, and large pores. Those without these unsightly issues still get complete coverage that’s even and elevated. Skin looks smooth, supple, and “selfie” ready.

Creamy Contour

The dramatic contour look is a trend that comes and goes, but some definition is always attractive. Using foundation to create a creamy contour is perfect for the everyday as well as evenings out. Blend more than one shade of foundation to achieve depth and drama without heavy streaks or an obvious cakey application. Bring out your features and still have that natural quality that’s not overdone.


Foundations withhyaluronic acid moisturize the skin, helping to achieve that youthful glow that’s dewy and replenished. Dry skin only accentuates fine lines and makes the skin feel itchy and tight. As you beautify your face with makeup, you’ll be moisturizing simultaneously. It’s a 2-for-1 beauty benefit.

Soothes Skin

Not only does foundation help you look better, but you’ll feel better too. With the addition ofsafflower oilin your foundation, you’ll notice a soothing quality that calms the skin from inflammation. Soothed skin means less redness and roughness, thereby allowing for a more even application of your foundation for future use. For those with UV damage from the sun,Vitamin E is essential in reducing these effects. Foundation with this vitamin is a real find. Over time, your skin issues will subside and you’ll see nothing but breathtaking results.

The Perfect Match

You may notice that the skin on your neck is a different shade than the skin on your face. This is common and “curable” with the right foundation. Apply your foundation past your chin and down to the neck to achieve a beautiful blend that’s not harsh or half-way done. A light and creamy consistency will soak into the skin for a match made in makeup heaven.

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