Precision Eyebrow Liner Pen - Brown

For the perfect brow, you need precision application with a eyebrow liner pen (aka brow pen). You can:

  • apply hair-like strokes with that stiletto point at the end of your brows, framing your face, and bringing your eyes to life.
  • apply different stages of color, ranging from light to dark (so that you can get a more natural look)the fine hairs of your brows are lighter than the portion closer to your nose allowing a more natural look. 
  • get 24-hour staying power - and have your makeup last all night
  •  achieve a waterproof application, and never fear of your eyebrows wiping off.

Click on the video below for a brow tutorial

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

For me the brown has been an absolute game changer for me. Gone are the days when I used to have very badly shaped eyebrows. I get very good comments everytime about my brows. Jackie and team you have truly


I'm in love

Vault Brow Pen

The MOST amazing creation for oily skinned sisters. Brilliant staying power...your brows stay in place all day, no matter how hot or humid it gets!!!! No fears of the eyeliner melting and shining like gloss on your skin. Also excellent for people with very little brow hairs like me. Value for money as well as it can last up to 2 months plus with everyday application.

Love this product!!

I can sweat, rub my face and this formula does not budge. It's easy to apply after watching the videos and I absolutely love how it makes my brows look!! I ordered two and will be ordering more


This pen is perfect for filling in gaps in my brows and making them look natural and 10x fuller!

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