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March 04, 2021 3 min read

Confused About Concealer?

Here's What You Need To Know For Flawless Coverage

Using concealer has many beauty benefits you can make the most of. Concealer is thicker than foundation, so a little goes a long way. With a subtle application, you can transform your makeup routine. You will be rewarded with flawless results that make an impact. It’s worth the extra step.

If you’re unsure about concealer, the tips below will set you in motion. A great concealer is the cornerstone of a complete look, so get on board and get beautiful!

Dark Circles

Dark under eye circles can make you look tired, sad, worn out, or older than you actually are. Brighten up your face with concealer in this delicate area and your entire face will glow.

You only need a few dabs to get the look you’re after. Don’t go too heavy, as concealer can seep into the any fine lines you have. This will draw attention to them. The skin is thinner beneath the eyes, so go easy as you apply.

Choose a concealer shade about the same color as your skin or a tad lighter. Tap onto the skin with your ring finger and don’t rub in. You can also use an appropriate brush, sponge, or tool. Once those dark circles are covered, you’re done. Now you can move forward with the rest of your makeup application.

Blemishes, Dark Spots, Etc.

We’ve all been there. A pimple (or two) pops up before a big event and we are bummed. Dark spots can also be aggravating, and other blemishes are less-than beautiful.

Rather than hide under sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat, use a concealer. A tap or two over the area will cover up theseunsightly facial “flaws” and you’ll look as good as new. No one will know your secret, and you’ll feel confident showing off your skin.

Large Pores

Flawless looking skin is possible thanks to the “miracle” of concealer. For those dealing with obvious pores, concealer can cover in ways foundation may not be able to. The thicker consistency won’t sink into the pores. Once covered, you can apply foundation, powder, blush, etc. on top.

Again, dab, don’t rub in, and only use where needed. You’ll achieve that smooth complexion you’ve been craving. Your pores will be a thing of the past.

A Makeup Base

Your makeup will stay put and last longer with a base to stick to. Concealer is perfect for this purpose. Apply where you normally notice your makeup tends to fade, streak, or flake.

Concealer on the eyelid area is useful in keeping your eyeliner in check. Use over the lid then apply your liner over top. You won’t see smudging, keeping your “cat eye” looking cool all day. You can also use concealer before applying lip liner or lipstick. You won’t see the “bleeding” as your lips stay lovely. To keep a bold lip color staying strong all day, dab concealer all over your lips as a base. Try it with a rich red and you’ll notice how it doesn’t come off as easily. 


Use a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone to create highlights. This will bring out your bone structure and features. Areas to highlight include:

  • The corners of the eyes,
  • On the brow bone
  • The bridge of the nose
  • Just under the lower lip
  • In the middle of the chin
  • Over the cheekbones.

These subtle makeup tricks give an all over glow that makes you look gorgeous.Your concealer not only covers up, but it creates illusions and makes an impact. It’s a makeup must-do!

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