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February 06, 2021 3 min read

How To Choose Your Perfect Foundation Shade

We’ve all seen it… someone with a foundation that doesn’t match their skin tone. Whether it's too light or too dark, the incorrect shade can ruin the appearance of one’s complexion. This takes away the attention from the makeup look. A flawless finish and perfect match may seem unattainable. With some tips and practice, it’stotally possible to find your perfect shade of foundation.
Choosing a personal shade of foundation can seem like a daunting task. There are countless brands with different formulations and finishes. Shades that vary in undertone, depth, and more. Reviews can be misleading, and shade names and number can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few tried and true methods of getting your perfect match for a flawless base. 

Understanding Undertones

One of the most important concepts of this process is to understand skin undertones. Everyone’s skin has undertones that vary from warm to cool, or red to blue. Undertone is completely separate from skin color or shade. The lightest skin tone and the darkest skin tone can have cool or warm undertones. It all depends on your genetics. Many people have undertones ranging from yellow to green. This iscommonly known as having olive skin.
Unsure of your undertone? Here are a few tests for you to discover which one you have. If you hold your wrist up to the light and your veins appear blue, you likely have a cool undertone. If your veins appear more green than blue, you likely have warmer toned skin.
A more subjective test is if your skin appears better in gold jewelry, you likely have warm-toned skin. If you prefer silver jewelry, you may have cool-toned skin. If you ever used paints, imagine you’re mixing up a color to paint a self-portrait. Would you use more orange or yellow paint to make your skin tone? Would you mix in cool reds or blues? Those base colors are what undertones are.
It’s also possible that you have neutral undertones. This means your skin leans neither golden nor cool. Don’t worry, there are foundation shadesspecifically for neutral undertones, too!

Choosing the Perfect Shade

Once you’re confident in the undertone of your skin, it’s time to find shade. Jacque Mgido offers23 different shades of foundation. The a range that continues to grow. Some people have deep skin tones, others have fair skin, and most people lay somewhere between the two. A great tip is to choose your shade according to the color of your jawline or neck. The tone of your face canbe influenced by many things. This includes sun exposure, hydration, inflammation, and more. This causes it to fluctuate in tone, where your neck and jaw usually remain the same shade no matter what.
To help you find your shade and undertone, Jacque Mgido offers sample sizes for $3.50 each. This way, you can order a few in the range you think will fit, test them all out, and find the perfect match.

Application Tips

When applying foundation, remember to blend the product onto the jaw and neck. To avoid a mask-like appearance, blend the foundation down towards the neck. Also, be sure to prep the skin before makeup application. If you have drier skin, be sure to wear a moisturizer or hydrating primer underneath the makeup. You can even mix a drop or two of moisturizer with the foundation to create a more dewy finish. If you have oily skin, a makeup setting spray can be a game-changer for you. Set your foundation with powder, then use a spritz of setting spray to melt the makeup into the skin.
There you have it! All the tips you need to get a flawless foundation match that looks natural.Jacque Mgido’s foundations come in a variety of shades and at a price accessible to all - $20 for a bottle. You can get samples for $3.50.

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