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November 15, 2020 5 min read

The Perfect Autumn Lip Stain Shade for Your Sign


The nights are getting shorter and the air is getting cooler, which means autumn is finally here. Fall is not just for apple picking and delicious lattes, it’s also the perfect time for bold, matte lips (that won’t transfer on your coffee cup). How do you choose your signature shade? Let us help you out!

We’ve paired the perfect fall shades ofLip Stain with your astrology sign, keeping in mind the upcoming planetary transits and how they will affect the next few months for you. There are lots of retrogrades that will affect us all this fall, but at least we’ll be prepared with a bold lip to face whatever comes our way.

Aries: Chucus

(March 21 - April 19)

Starting September 9th through November 13th, Mars will be in retrograde in your sign, Aries. Mars is the planet that rules Aries, so this transit will affect you the most. This is a time for you to reflect inward and take time to rest. Take action around November 12 - 13, as Mars will return to normal and Jupiter and Pluto will present new career opportunities.

While Aries is usually fiery and bold, this fall season will be a time of reflection and inner growth. Take it down a notch withChucus, a pinky nude shade.

Taurus: George

(April 20th - May 20th)

This autumn, Mercury Retrograde will challenge you to reevaluate your communication skills. Particularly in the second half of October, you will be forced to better communicate your inner feelings within your close, personal relationships. October’s full moon is on Halloween in the sign of Taurus, so be ready for an emotional renaissance.

Manifest clear communication with a classic red lip that no one can miss. The warm red shadeGeorge is perfect for this upcoming season of communication for Taurus.

Gemini: Blue

(May 21st - June 20th)

Mercury retrograde will impact you especially, Gemini. While usually a fun loving and energetic social butterfly, this autumn you’ll spend more time alone than usual. The lunar eclipse on November 30th in your sign will cause a spiritual reset, causing you to question your identity.

Get ready to dive into some deeper aspects of yourself this fall. The moody hueBlue is a perfect fit.

Cancer: Benjamin

(June 21st - July 22nd)

As a Cancer, you are always a deep and spiritual being, with emotions that weigh on the soul. This autumn, many of the planetary transits will awaken your spiritual and psychic abilities. Pay close attention to your dreams to find the answer you’ve been seeking.

This fall, you will be awakening your inner magic. Bold, purpleBenjamin is the color to evoke your psychic abilities.

Leo: Diva

(July 23rd - August 22nd)

September will start off with a bang for Leos, with a full moon in your sign on the 2nd and Venus transitioning to your sign on the 6th. You’re going to be feeling yourself even more than usual this fall. You will have peace in your love life, and if you have a current love interest, they will be sticking by you this autumn. You know what that means... cute pumpkin picking dates!

Celebrate your confidence this fall with a bold, vampy red:Diva. The name is a perfect fit.

Virgo: Hubby

(August 23rd - September 22nd)


Early fall is your time, Virgo. Your season’s full moon is in the house of relationships, which will lead to reflection in your current love life. Venus will remind you that you must always love yourself first! You’ll expand on this notion throughout the Mercury Retrograde which will challenge you to improve in the area of self-esteem and self-care.

This autumn, you must remember to treat yourself with love and kindness.Hubby is the perfect shade of warm, cozy brown.

Libra: Harare

(September 23rd - October 22nd)

Libra takes over in the second half of the autumn season. You’re the sign of balance, but Mercury Retrograde will influence your communication this fall. We know you love peace, but you’ll be stepping on a few toes by voicing your opinions throughout the retrograde.

Your voice needs to be heard this fall, Libra.Harare, a bold, deep wine shade, demands attention while looking sophisticated at the same time.

Scorpio: Melt

(October 23rd - November 21st)

Hello to all the Halloween babies! Mars retrograde will impact your desire to act this season. You will feel an urge to volunteer and serve your community, seek opportunities to do so.

For you this fall, actions speak louder than words.Melt is a perfect everyday nude shade, so you can focus on what’s important. Prepare to be busy!

Sagittarius: Girlfriend

(November 22nd - December 21st)

You may have been facing financial hardship in the past few months, as many have during this time of uncertainty. Luckily, things are looking up for you, Sagittarius. Jupiter will impact you this fall to bring prosperity to financial situations.

Make money moves this autumn with a bold berry shade.Girlfriend will let everyone know that you mean business.

Colors: Flay

Capricorn: Jacque

(December 22nd - January 19th)

Jupiter and Saturn will both have a strong impact on you this fall. Get ready for lots of reflection on your identity. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so take a look at what habits you have built that may need to change. Change is hard for a Capricorn, but this autumn you will have no choice.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, Capricorn.Jacque is a bright purple-pink that will encourage you on your journey towards growth.

Aquarius: Kalahari

(January 20th - February 18th)

Aquarians are known for their dedication to social justice, and the transits this autumn will only intensify that for you. September’s planetary changes will push you to take action towards a cause you’re passionate about. The full moon on Halloween will ground you and lead you to reflect more deeply on social and political issues.

You need a utilitarian shade that’s bold but serious.Kalahari is the perfect deep nude with rose undertones. Keep it simple but don’t fade into the background.

Colors: Flay

Pisces: Mara

(February 19th - March 20th)

September’s full moon on the 2nd is in your sign. This leaves you tired before autumn has even begun. Take it easy on yourself this season and get rest. There have been a lot of emotional changes that have drained you of energy this past year, and this fall is the time for you to recharge.

Keep it low key but choose a shade that will give you an energy boost. VibrantMara will encourage you and awaken you during this time of rest and reflection.

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