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Our Story

About the Jacque Mgido Brand



Jacque Mgido is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion is in helping women of all colors to shine. She believes that darker complexions have been neglected by the cosmetics and beauty industry, so she started her own brand. However, she doesn’t describe her line as just a “black” brand. Her motivation is to make her beauty secrets, make up, and skin care line available to the entire world.


The Jacque Mgido line offers brilliant colors that work immaculately with the complexions of Africans, Asians, Latinas, Caucasians, and Indian men and women – a truly international brand bridging culture and race. Her products are all fragrance-free, allergy tested, noncomedogenic, and made in California.


Why a makeup line that caters to all skin colors and types? Because at our core, we all want to be beautiful!


Her makeup techniques are influenced by early attempts to “get away with” wearing makeup that her parents and family members couldn’t detect. She was forbidden to wear makeup as a young girl, but longed to be glamorous and beautiful like her mother. Her first attempts at applying blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and other beauty products were to look more beautiful without others being able to detect she was wearing makeup at all.


This early yearning blossomed into an ability to develop and apply makeup perfectly to any skin color to enhance people’s natural features.


Jacque Mgido’s Roots


Jacque started humbly with Vault Cosmetics – the first cosmetics brand started by a Zimbabwean to cater to the climate of Africa. An early passion for beauty has since grown into a brand named after Mrs. Mgido herself.


To those who are unfamiliar with Zimbabwe, this is an astonishing feat. The country is exceptionally beautiful and culturally rich, but like many African countries it has suffered some economic hardships in the past decade.


Though Jacque resides in California now, she stays true to her roots, often traveling back to her native country, and staying deeply involved in her local community.


She has proven that no matter where or how you start, you can create greatness by honoring the beauty within you and zealously sharing it with others. She is truly dedicated to bringing this message to the world through the Jacque Mgido line.


As a child Mgido played with her mother’s makeup, and now those moments of making herself glamorous in front of a bedroom mirror have grown beyond her own face. She now enhances the beauty of people all over the world.


After growing up in Zimbabwe, Jacque moved to the U.S. She worked various odd jobs to make ends meet including being a maid and a babysitter. She worked behind the counter selling makeup for Clarins and Estee Lauder, and eventually moved to Hollywood. There she attended a prestigious school to learn how to apply makeup for film artists, the fashion industry, and more.


Her vibrant vitality, positive attitude, and master-level skills as a makeup artist led her to work with many of Hollywood’s top celebrities including Neo, Snoop Dog, Orlando Jones, Jamie Foxx, Rene Russo, George Lopez, John Legend, Sylvester Stallone, Russell Brand, Wiz Kalifa, the Far East Movement, Randy Jackson, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and dozens more.


She has also offered her makeup artistry to Luis Vuitton campaigns, Elle Magazine, the MTV Awards, the Emmy Awards, the Oscars and many other famed occasions.


The Jacque Mgido Philosophy


The Mgido philosophy is encapsulated in one phrase - beauty is how you feel.


How you feel inside will always reflect on the outside.


The Jacque Mgido line specializes in bringing “color” back to all complexions because people from different cultural backgrounds offer an incredible palate upon which to bring out an inner magnificence. On many skin tones, color really “pops” helping to accentuate the gorgeousness of the human form in all its myriad hues.


As a point of reference, the artwork of Ben Enwonwu, “Tutu,” known as the painter of the African Mona Lisa just sold for $1.68 million. Jacque helps every woman turn themselves into a work of art – not by painting their faces, but by enhancing their God-given beauty.


She says, “I teach women to look beautiful wearing makeup, not to be ‘worn’ by their makeup.” This skill and ability to reach so many people, and then empower them to surface their inner goddess is priceless, worth more than any physical work of art.


Like this same work of art though, most people are ignorant about their true value. The family who inherited Enwonwu’s portrait of a princess had no idea it was worth so much. This is the value of having someone like Jacque Mgido in your corner. She helps you see your own inner beauty so that you can start to accept your incredible value as a human being.


She has made it her mission to keep her beauty products and makeup application knowledge available for people of every color, age, and creed.


Why We Don’t Just Sell Products, But Share Beauty Education


Jacque Mgido aims at bringing amazing makeup and skin care products to the world, but also to connect with individuals to teach them application techniques and beauty secrets. She feels that education is a key component to her mission. That is why the Jacque Mgido line is offered with video tutorials, in-person trainings, and additional ways to soak up Mgido’s passion and expertise.


For example, Mgido teaches her clients why and where to wear makeup, how to correctly choose a foundation, and how to apply eye brow enhancing products to completely frame the face. Once this foundation is set, the beauty and artistry of makeup application truly comes alive. Here, Mgido introduces color, its proper use and application, and now to enhance any skin color, eye color, and face with the right hues.


When you feel beautiful on the outside, it will change how you feel internally, and how you feel on the inside will overflow into your outer appearance. Jacque Mgido wants everyone to experience the heightened sense of beauty that resides within themselves, innately, but with a little help from a trusted source.