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February 26, 2021 3 min read

Tips For a Plumper Lip

Image 1: Mint Sugar Plum and Mint Ultra Glaze Lip Gloss | Image 2: Magenta Lip Gloss

Thin lips never seem to make the cut when it comes to today’s beauty trends. Those blessed with a plump pout are already ahead of the game, but even those with a nice pucker still want more. As for the thin-lipped crew, no worries. The look of plumper lips is in the cards too, with makeup techniques that look like a million bucks.

Over-Lining Illusion

Use lip liner to your advantage to create a new outer lip outside your natural lips. Rather than following your natural lip line, draw your new “lips” beyond what you’ve got. Then fill in with your favorite lip gloss, lip stain, or lipstick. Be sure not to over-line to the point of clown status - a little goes a long way. You can always add more if you’re not satisfied. First try this technique with a flesh-colored lip liner. Once you have the technique down, grab something dark or colorful.

Lip Gloss Glam

Lip gloss already makes lips look fuller. The shine reflects the light and accentuates the lips with shimmer. You can make this effect even more alluring by applying your lip gloss with a goal in mind. Create a lush lip by using a super-shiny gloss in the middle of the lip, even in a bit of a lighter color for a greater effect. Dab this gloss over your lipstick or a darker gloss and it will give off a glam glow that makes your lips look larger.

Highlighting Halo

Use your highlighting makeup to make your lips look fuller. We use this on our cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, and in the corners of the eyes. Well guess what? Highlighter works on the lips as well. Dab a touch at the bow of the top lip andjust under the bottom lip. The “halo” created draws the eyes to the lips and accentuates their shape and size. Like gloss, you can also dab some highlighter on the center of each lip to boost their beauty.

Diva and George Lip Stain Highlighted with The Contour Palette - Light

Types Of Lipstick To Use For A Plumper Lip

If you have thin lips, a shiny or shimmery lipstick grabs the light and will create the look of more lip. If you want to use a matte color, blend it with a shiny one or a gloss and it will make your lips pop. If you already have plumb and full lips you can experiment either way. You can tone it down with a matte finish or go wild with a gloss or shimmer. Remember, it's just makeup. You can always wipe it off :).

Make Your Lips The Center Of Attention

Your lips will stand out, no matter their size, if you lighten up your other makeup and make your lips the star of the show. Go minimal with your eye makeup, blush, and contouring, and do a big bold lip that is Hollywood hot. Choose an eye-catching color that proves you’re pretty and powerful. It really makes a statement.

George and Flay Lip Stain

These tips are tried-and-true, and you won’t have to resort to fillers to look fabulous. Even Kylie Jenner will be in awe! See what works for you or mix-and-match to get the lip look you’re after. With a little practice, your lips will be full as you face the world.

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