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Brow Fixer

Brow fixer helps keep your brows in place. It acts like a hair spray for your brows. Makes it easier to contour, shape, and fill in your eye brows to your liking.


Customer Reviews

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Geraldine Munhumumwe-keith
Absolutely love the brow fixer

For the first time in history my eyebrows are on fleek because of the brow fixer fro Jacque mgido cosmetics ,ladies please purchase this product you won’t be disappointed .eyebrows on fleek forever

Devan D.
Won’t go without it!

This brow gel has been a game changer for me! I have very thick, coarse eyebrows and when I wake up in the morning, I never know how wild they will be looking. This brow fixer gives me the easy option of just brushing those hairs out back to where they belong and without worry that they will love throughout the day. I always have a tube of this little miracle worker on standby.

Tiffany Grogan

I’m very picky when it comes to makeup, so I will say this. There are a handful of trusted products that I’ve purchased , that do exactly what it was meant to do. From the brow gel, eye liner , orange blush( which is multiuse). I never thought of wearing orange blush, now my whole perspective has changed. I’m in love and Jacque products will forever be apart of my collection.

Shannon Perry
love this / need more

I choose to never live without this brow fixer - its amazing. My eyebrows are wild and this is a lifesaver. Not sticky, not. yucky - super clean with great hold.

Game Changer

This has made it to get best brows❤❤

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