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Eyebrow Bundle

$ 25.00 USD

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Charlene Shoshore
Eyebrow Bundle

I ordered my brow bundle, the package arrived on time
I loved the eyebrow bundle, it's easy to use and eyebrows last the whole looking good 😍😍😍

Melissa Guri
Eyebrow bundle

I haven't received my package yet

Best eye brow bundle

I loved my parcel and swift delivery , good communication, love the products , thank you

Amazing Product, Terrible Service

The eyebrow bundle i purchased is everything you say it is. Waterproof brow pen for hair-like strokes make the eyebrow looks more natural .I was however disappointed by the service i got (i purchased from Harare, Zimbabwe);
1. the online prices are different from in-store ones. and you only find out when you actually go to the store yourself. (would be great to indicate that, forgive me if i missed it)
2. After purchasing the bundle online i was told that the brow pen was not available and had to wait sometime till product was restocked. I found this very unprofessional and I informed the lady ,omly to find out that she had stock, but at a different location but was somewhat just lazy to get it and deliver on time. (mind you noone is ready to pay for something thats not available)
3.Theres no option of collection after ordering, only automatic delivery. Of which the attendant only informed me that my order was to be delivered with a $9USD pay forward fee i was supposed to cater for (aparently without my consent). Of course i cancelled it and collected the parcel myself.
Please may you try to improve on the service, because your products are amaziiiing!

Christina Barnett

I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Why should I use this bundle?

  • How long do brows stay on? Are the products waterproof?

  • How do I remove the eyebrow makeup?

  • How long do the products last

  • Can I buy the products separately?