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September 17, 2020 3 min read

Why We Are Loving Liquid Liner

Playing up your eyes is always alluring, and liquid eyeliner is a go-to cosmetic that can take your look to the next level. The precision and perfection with the ultimate stroke is nothing short of spectacular, and when it comes to looking Instagram-ready, liquid eyeliner is a tried-and-true tool.

Those who swear by liquid eyeliner already know how it can take you from zero to 60 in a flash, but the pencil lovers may be hesitant to make the switch. The key is a steady hand and a flair for everything fabulous, so if you can muster up the courage to ditch the pencil liners and go for liquid, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful results.

The Perks Of Liquid Eyeliner

The drama! No pencil can create the definition and detail that liquid liner can achieve. Not to say pencils don’t have a place in your cosmetics bag, but when it comes to crisp and cool lines and creative application techniques, liquid beats pencil by a landslide

Think about the seductive “cat eye” look. Done with pencil, the look is lovely, but it’s muted compared to the bold pop you can create with a liquid liner. You can flare it out going from thick to thin as it extends from the lid towards the temple. The longer the line, the more magnificent.

Your eyes will be front and center when they are lined with liquid, whether top, bottom, or both. There’sno smudging or smokiness required; all you see is the artistry and appeal of a striking stroke, leaving you looking and feelingsexy and sophisticated.

You don’t need to do much more when your eyeliner is the star of the show. While it’s up to you if you want to do a full “on fleek” face, liquid eyeliner allows you togo easy on the rest of your makeup routine as youmake your eyes the focal point. It cuts down on your getting ready time, but you’ll still look put together and ready for the day or night.

Remember, not all liquid liners are jet black. Have some fun withpops of color and even shimmer and shine.Play up your eye color and shape with your liquid liner and don’t hold back. Your inner diva deserves it.

How To Do It Right

You may require a bit ofpatiencebefore going all in. Pencil liners allow for a little more leeway, as you can always smudge in your slip ups and still look fab. Liquid isn’t as forgiving, but the results - when done well - are well worth the effort.

Practice a bit before making the switch. Try out your talent before a big night or when you’re in a rush. You don’t have to become an expert, but you do need to be able to draw on a line that’s free of bumps and spaces. WatchYouTube tutorials or flip through magazines for instruction and inspiration.

You’ll find that if yougently tug the outer corner of your eyelidto smooth out the surface, and usedash-like small strokes and connect them into one line, the process will be simple and turn out terrific. Once you get better at applying your liquid liner, you can test out different application techniques and get fancy

A Combo?

You can use all of your eyeliner favorites, even during the same makeup session. Perhaps a pencil liner on the bottom and a liquid stroke up top. You can also draw on a line with your pencil as a guide, then go over it with liquid. This could help you achieve that flawless finish you see on models and TV stars.

Your liquid liner dreams are about to become reality. You’re not too “basic” to be brave! The look is for anyone who wants to look amazing. Give off the vibe that you’re worth a head-turn.

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