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September 10, 2020 4 min read

Pomade, Pen, or Gel Fixer

In the past decade, eyebrows have gone through a renaissance. After the thin, over-plucked brow styles of the 90s and early 2000s, we now have many more options for shapes and styles. Thick and full brows are now the object of envy, seen as a bigger canvas to work with to create a variety of shapes for different looks and moods. Supermodel Cara Delevigne built her career on her thick and expressive brows.  


Brows are one of the most important features on your face, and changing them can alter the look of your face shape and structure intensely. Taking brows away completely can make someone look like a different person altogether. If you don’t believe me, google search “Anne Hathaway Without Eyebrows” and you’ll see what I mean. One of the most important things to learn as a makeup artist is how to shape, structure, fill, and fluff brows in a variety of ways. There is an overwhelming number of brow products on the market, from pomades to pencils, gels to pens, and more. Here is a list of the most important brow products and how to use them to create your own iconic brow.

Pomade: The Artist’s Choice

Brow pomade is the product that provides the most control and creative freedom over any other brow product. Remember, if Spiderman taught us anything, it’s that with great power comes great responsibility, even when it comes to brow products. Mastering the application of pomade takes practice and precision, but it’s worth it. Apply with a heavy hand and your eyebrows will look severe and will distract from the rest of your face instead of framing it and highlighting your best features. Apply it correctly and you will get a beautiful brow that lasts all day, rain or shine.

Pomade is a creamy product in a jar, similar to gel eyeliner. It’s super pigmented and is applied with an angled brush for ultimate control.Jacque Mgido’s Soft Eyebrow Gel Pomade comes with a brush attached to the lid of the product, so you’ll never be without the necessary tool. When applying, pick up a tiny amount of product on the brush and wipe any excess on the rim of the jar. Carefully apply with hair-like strokes to fill in the brows. An advantage of pomades is that they dry and stay put, and formulas like Jacque Mdigo’s are waterproof and budge-proof for 24-hours. If you ever apply too much, use a spoolie to brush out the brows and remove the excess. Start light and build up; it’s easier to add product than to take it away. Pomade can be used on its own to create many different brow styles, or you can combine it with other products to add dimension and fluff.

Brow Fixer Gel: The Must-Have for Every Makeup Bag

Fluffy, natural brows have grown very popular in the past year or so. Taking the place of the blocky ‘Instagram brow’, fluffy brows are achieved through brushing through natural hairs with fixer gel and a spoolie.Clear brow gel is the star of this style, as it acts the way hairspray would through locking everything in place. You can use this as the final step after other pomades and pencils to keep the hairs locked in place. Another option is an edgy but still polished look. Without filling in brows, just use clear gel and sweep hairs upward.

Clear brow gel is a must-have for every kit and makeup bag. On days where you’re running late and have no time for makeup, one quick sweep with clear gel will help to define and smooth brows and keep any hairs from going astray. Instantly refine and polish your look, even on the go. It’s an endlessly useful and easy-to-use product for pro makeup artists and personal makeup users alike.

Precision Eyebrow Liner Pen: For Ultimate Control

Liquid brow pens are new and rising in popularity, for a good reason. Like the name of the product suggests, these pens allow ultimate precision. Like the pomade, this tool allows a lot of control but if used incorrectly, can end in an eyebrow disaster. Just a few tips and you’ll understand why this product is rising to the top of the brow game.

What’s unique about thePrecision Eyebrow Liner Pen? It allows you to create tiny, hair-like strokes to make brows appear fuller, thicker, and fluffier. Those of us who survived the brow trends of the 90s and 2000s were left with sparse brows that won’t grow back after years of overplucking. This product allows you to add to your brows in the most natural-looking way possible. The secret to getting the perfect brow with this tool is to use feather-light strokes and fill in a tiny bit at a time. Like I previously mentioned, it’s easy to add but difficult to take away when over-applied. A great quality of a felt-tipped pen is that you can vary the density and hue of the stroke by how light or hard you press applying the hair. With practice, creating brows with this product can mimic the look of a microbladed brow - natural and flattering.


Check out Jacque Mdigo’s Brow Liner Tutorial for a visual example on how to get the best results with this product:

There you have it! I hope this list of three of the most popular brow products helped clear the confusion and set you on your way to creating your perfect brows. You may find that just one product works for you, or all three can be used to customize and create different brows every day. Jaque Mdigo offers a brow kit at a discounted price or separately. The pomade is available in four different shades for a multitude of hair colors and undertones.

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