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October 29, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

The Importance of Eyebrows

It's no secret that I am obsessed with eyebrows. Why, you ask? Because I think they are the most important feature on your face. They help accentuate the eyes, shape the face and express emotions. Eyebrows play a powerful role in communication. Now, I wasn't blessed with the perfect manicured set of brows, so to remedy that, I set out learn everything about eyebrows: shapes, types, and how to groom them. In this article I will cover why eyebrows are important to make part of your beauty routine. In subsequent series of articles, I will breakdown all aspects of the eyebrow process.

The right eyebrows can:

  • Give a your face a younger appearance
  • Frame your eyes
  • Get a polished and clean look
  • Create symmetry for your face
  • Shape your eyebrows to detract from self perceived facial flaws
  • Change the appearance of the shape of your face

Younger Appearance

Grooming your brows is the cheapest anti-aging technique out there (no scalpel required! 😀. Properly groomed brows can make eyes appear wider and more youthful and vibrant.

Frame your Eyes

The right eyebrow shape can give you an edginess that can command a room. The wrong shape can make you appear constantly surprised, upset, angry, or just plain old. Everyone is unique. Find the shape that fits your face and compliments the look that you are going for. I highly recommend visiting an eyebrow specialist

Get a polished and clean look

Well groomed brows are like manicured nails. They create a polished look. It sends a message to everyone that you have your ‘s*%t’ together. Without regular maintenance, your brows can become bushy, patchy, or cause your eyes to droop giving you a look of being unkempt or tired.

Creating Facial Symmetry

No one has a perfectly symmetrical face. Unsymmetrical brows can make one eye appear bigger than the other further throwing off facial balance. Properly groomed brows help bring balance to the face creating a more pleasing aesthetic to the human eye.

Correct Flaws

Properly shaped eyebrows can change the appearance of your face by by enhancing your features and hiding perceived flaws such as small eyes, eyes that are hooded, or eyes that are too far apart. Eyebrows that are shaped correctly, will give your face the appearance of both length and depth helping to hide those flaws.

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1 Response

Louise Harding
Louise Harding

November 07, 2019

Love the blog! Well done Jacque! Not sure how I can get my wiry eyebrows in shape! Xx

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