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Got Brows?

Bushy Brow

The video above demonstrates what a bushy eye brow looks like

In this video, Jackie shows you how to shape a bushy brow

No Brows

Thin Arched Brow

Also known as the rounded brow. This is the brow that is thin and gives the allusion of a surprised look and has the shape of an arch. In most cases is is thin and is arched.

For this brow we add on to the front of the brow to the arch.

Jackie demonstrates what an arched brow looks like

Here we show you how to shape an arched brow

Droopy Brow

This is a brow that grows downwards and gives the illusion of a closed eye. It can also make you look sad.

Threading is recommended

Watch the video to get a visual explanation of a droopy brow

Jackie shows how you can use our products and threading to give your droopy brow a different shape, thereby lifting your eyes

Gappy and Sparse Brow

This when the brow has sparsely grown making it look patchy.

Watch Jackie show you the patchy brow

In this video Jackie shows you have to fill in a patchy or sparse brow

Square Brow

Square brow aka the block brow. It appears to look square the front, then it's thin all the way to end.

See our visual explanation of a square brow

Watch Jackie use Jacque Mgido products to create the perfect brow

Minimal Brow

This what we would the semi invisible brow or extremely light. The hair is there but you can't really see it.

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