Eyebrow Bundle

Pomade Shade

 You get:

  • Jacque Mgido Precision Eyebrow Liner Pen (aka brow pen)
  • Jacque Mgido Eyebrow Gel Pomade. A full-pigment pomade
  • Jacque Mgido Eyebrow fixer
  • An Angle Brush

With there tools you can:

    • apply hair-like strokes with that stiletto point at the end of your brows, framing your face, and bringing your eyes to life.
    • apply different stages of color, ranging from light to dark (so that you can get a more natural look) the fine hairs of your brows are lighter than the portion closer to your nose allowing a more natural look. 
    • get 24-hour staying power - and have your makeup last all night
    •  achieve a waterproof application, and never fear of your eyebrows wiping off.
    • The softness of pomade means that you can take your time getting the perfect shape
    •  Easy to apply smoothly onto skin and hair, and allows time for blending before drying down. 
    • The eyebrow fixer makes it easier to contour, shape, and fill in your eyebrows.

Customer Reviews

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Best product I’ve been looking for

Omg I watched videos all the time on brow tutorials an I ran across beatsbydeb on fb an she was use this brow pen. As the months pass by I kinda forgot the last name due to my bf name Jacque I couldn’t forget that part but anyways I ending up going bk to beatsbydeb an finding the Jacque page Yayyy I immediately purchase the brow set and went on amazon to purchase another brow pen . I’m absolutely in love with this stuff. Definitely earned a loyal customer-Audrey J

Perfect Eyebrows

Love the products

Eyebrow bundle is great!

I love everything about this bundle. All of the products are great quality and I am so happy I bought this.