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Discover the world of Eyebrows

Brighten your face. Shape and contour your eyebrows. Approach everyday confidently. 

With the Jacque Mgido Eyebrow products you can:

● Get realistic looking eyebrows with hair like strokes

● Hang out with friends, go shopping, and hit a club with long lasting eyebrows. Lasts up to 24 hours

● For that 'No Makeup' day. All you need are the perfect brows. 

● Go from 'No Brow' to 'Wow Brow' including all other types of brows in between like patchy, sparse or stubby 

User Videos

"Freehand brows over stencils any day"

"I got my package today just in time for my personal tutorial and could not be happier. Since I've been "cheating" by filling in my brows with stencils, it's nice to finally learn how to use my face's natural angels and curves to outline my thick brows. The bundled products are also a needed addition to my eye makeup collection. Above all, Jacque's the best as she took the time to instruct me one-on-one...I got it in under 15 minutes!"


"Nice Products"

I normally get my brow stuff from Sephora, I mean I been going there since I was in high school. I will be 30 this year so I been a loyal to what I know. But I wish, okay I WISH THIS BROW SET UP was something I knew about! I do not want nothing else on my brows, and I am dead serious! The price of the product is very good! I did a test run on my hand for 24/hr period on my hand just to see! I washed the dishes, worked out, cleaned the house and garden. It did not smear or sweat off! This is a nice product I mean nice!!! I highly recommend this product!

Kandice Brooks

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